Bathhouse: The Musical

By Tim Evanicki Productions (other events)

20 Dates Through Apr 30, 2017

It's Billy's first day at the bathhouse. He's come looking for love, but soon realizes that the others are there looking for something a little more ... temporary. 

Tim Evanicki and Esther Daack are excited to announce the triumphant return of their award-winning show “Bathhouse: The Musical!” to Fort Lauderdale! The show, which premiered at the 2006 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, has since played in several cities around the US, Canada, Audtralia, and Europe including sold-out productions in Paris, London, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Cleveland, Montreal, Ottawa and Tampa! 

Hailed by critics across the globe, Bathhouse: The Musical features campy, hilarious songs, high-energy dances, and of course, hot guys in towels. Grab your soap on a rope!

We'll see you at the Baths! 

Mailing Address

918 Warehouse Road #100102 Orlando, FL 32803